Microseismic Services and Software
Microseismic Services and Software

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Microseismic Services and Software

Monitoring the Aletsch Glacier. Photo courtesy of GeoExplorers AG

Semore offers a fully independent microseismic processing and survey design service based on our proprietary software, Divine. We have over 25 years of continuous microseismic processing, development and application experience covering on-site realtime data acquisition and processing, near real time processing, off site and re-processing of legacy data.


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Divine is a highly versatile and interactive package covering modelling, data acquisition, event processing, 3D display and integration with contemporaneous data such as pumping pressures, injection rates and so on. It incorporates a proprietary, patented realtime automatic event location technique referred to as Bootstrap for initial or real time processing. Pre-survey resolution and sensitivity modelling and post acquisition processing of event clusters and microseismic reflection migration further enhance the imaging potential from microseismic data using Divine.


Divine can handle data from all the major service companies and borehole tools enabling QC of processed data or fully independent processing and modelling. In particular the software supports 3D dipping layers and 3D Thomsen TTI velocity models that are commonly required for frac monitoring in Shales and data can be processed from any combination of vertical, horizontal or inclined wells and near surface networks.

Rental Equipment

Power supply and 280m HV cable spool

Plasma Gun


High output, 2500J, borehole and marine sparker seismic source for crosshole tomographic and marine reflection surveys. Available as a service or on a rental basis.


A small range of other rental tools and equipment are also available

Fracture Imaging

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