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Microseismic Multiplet Analysis in Basel

DYER B.C., SCHANZ U., SPILLMAN T., LADNER F., and HARING M.O., 2010. Application of microseismic multiplet analysis to the Basel geothermal reservoir stimulation events. Geophysical Prospecting, Vol. 58, no. 5 pp 791-807.
Download pdf: Geophysical Prospecting, 2010


Microseismic Imaging of a Geothermal Reservoir Stimulation

DYER B.C., SCHANZ U., LADNER F., HARING M.O., AND SPILLMAN T., 2008. Microseismic Imaging of a Geothermal Reservoir Stimulation. The Leading Edge, Vol. 27, No. 7, pages 856-869, July 2008
Download pdf: Microseismic Imaging of a Geothermal Reservoir Stimulation, 2006


3D seismic tomography survey of a mineshaft at Pewfall, St. Helens

D.A. GUNN, B. DYER, L.M. NELDER, M.G. RAINES, D.J.R. MORGAN and S. CAUNT. 2006. IAEG2006 Paper number 302
Download pdf: 3D seismic tomography survey of a mineshaft, 2006


Creation of an HDR/EGS reservoir at 5000 m depth at the European HDR project, 2000.

R. BARIA, R. JUNG, T. TISCHNER, D. TEZA, J. BAUMGARTNER, B. DYER, T. HETTKAMP, J. NICHOLLS, S. MICHELET, B. SANJUAN, N. SOMA , H. ASANUMA, J. GARNISH , 2006. PROCEEDINGS, Thirty-First Workshop on Geothermal Reservoir Engineering Stanford University.
Download pdf: Microseismic Monitoring of a Geothermal Reservoir Stimulation, Soultz 2006


Microseismic monitoring of the worlds largest potential HDR reservoir.

BARIA, R., MICHELET, S., BAUMGARTNER, J., DYER, B., GERARD, A., NICHOLLS, N., HETTKAMP, T., TEZA, D., SOMA, N., ASANUMA, H. AND GARNISH, J., 2004. Proceedings, twenty-ninth workshop on geothermal reservoir engineering, Stanford University, Stanford, California, January 26-28, 2004


Microseismic monitoring of Single and Dual Well (Focussed) Stimulations of the World's Largest Potential HDR Reservoir.

DYER B., BARIA R., MICHELET S. and BAUMGARTNER J., 2003. Poster paper presented at the PESGB-IAGC Geophysical Seminar; Geophysical Technology - Present and Future Capabilities. London 10-11 December 2003.
Download pdf: Microseismic Monitoring of a Geothermal Reservoir Stimulation, Soultz 2003


Integrated microseismic and hydraulic monitoring of HDR reservoir stimulation, Soultz 2000.

WEIDLER R., OATES S., DYER B., BAUMGARTNER J. AND GERARD A., 2002. Paper presented at the EAGE, Florence 2002.


Microseismic monitoring of the Valhall reservoir.

DYER B.C., BARKVED O., JONES R.H. AND FOLSTAD P.G., 1999. Paper presented at the EAGE, Helsinki. 1999.


Microseismic survey of a North Sea reservoir.

DYER B.C., JONES R.H., COWLES J.F., BARKVED O. and FALSTAD P.G., 1999. World Oil, March 1999 pp 74-78.
Download pdf: Microseismic Monitoring of the Valhall Oilfield


Monitoring and management of fractured reservoirs using induced microearthquake activity. SPE/ISRM 47315.

JUPE A., JONES R., DYER B. and WILSON S., 1998. Paper presented at Eurock '98, Trondheim, Norway. 8-10 July 1998.


Anisotropic seismic tomography of a potential hot dry rock reservoir before and during induced pressurization.

VECSEY G., HOLLIGER K., PRATT R.G., DYER B.C. and GREEN A.G., 1998. Geophysical Research Letters, Vol 25, No. 11, Pages 1991-1994, June 1, 1998.


Crosshole seismic imaging of a fractured reservoir.

DYER B.C. and WALLROTH T., 1997. First Break, Vol 15, No 5.

Download pdf: Crosshole seismic imaging of a fractured reservoir


Targetting of injection boreholes using induced microearthquake (microseismic) imaging.

A. JUPE, R. JONES, B. DYER, and S. WILSON, 1996. 58th Meeting, EAGE, Expanded Abstracts, Session:P173


Development of the CSMA mark II high temperature borehole sparker source.

DYER B.C. and BARIA R., 1996. Scientific Drilling (1996) 5, pp 243-248.


Imaging induced microseismicity during the 1993 injection tests at Soultz-sous-Forets, France.

JONES R.H., BEAUCE A., JUPE A., FABRIOL H. and DYER B.C., 1995. Proceedings World Geothermal Congress 18-31 May, Florence, Italy 1995.


The use of tomographic imaging in mineral exploration.

DYER B.C. and FAWCETT A., 1994. Explor. Mining Geol., Vol 3, No. 4, pp. 383-387.


Seismic tomography cuts drilling costs.

DYER B.C., 1993. GeoDrilling International Journal, December 1993, pp 7, 9.


Algorithms for EOR imaging using crosshole seismic data; an experiment with scale model data.

PRATT R.G., QUAN L., DYER B.C., GOULTY N.R. and WORTHINGTON M.H., 1991. Geoexploration V 26, N314, October 1991, pp 193-220.
Download pdf: Crosshole Modelling of Enhanced Oil Recovery Processes


Seismic tomography as a tool for monitoring the condition of a concrete dam.

SMITH J. and DYER B.C., 1990. Proc Instn Engrs, Part 2 1990, 89, pp 289-293.


Wave propagation in a vertical transversely isotropic medium: field experiment and model study.

KERNER C., DYER B.C. and WORTHINGTON M.H., 1989. Geophys J Int, 97, pp 292-309.

Download pdf: VTI Wave Propagation


Seismic reflection tomography: a case study.

DYER B.C., 1988. First Break, Vol 6, pp 354-366.


Seismic transmission and reflection tomography.

DYER B.C., 1988. PhD thesis. University of London.


Some sources of distortion in tomographic velocity images.

DYER B.C. and WORTHINGTON M.H., 1988. Geophysical Prospecting, Vol 36, pp 209-222.


A tomographic imaging experiment at Trawsfyndd, Gwynedd.

DYER B.C., SMALLWOOD A., GREENWOOD P., HASSETT S.P., JACKSON P.D. and McCANN D.M., 1988. British Geological Survey. Report RG 87/9.    

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