Microseismic Services and Software
Microseismic Services and Software

Seismic Crosshole and Marine Rental Tools

Plasma Gun, Borehole and Marine Sparker Seismic Source

Underwater spark discharge

This tool can be hired with an operator or without provided a short safety course is taken

  • Output approximately 1.5 Bar metres
  • Dimensions. 89mm OD, length 0.7m
  • Energy 2.5kJ at 5000V
  • Cable length 50m or 280m options
  • Electrode cable termination. Permanent O ring fixing
  • Isolated seismograph trigger
  • Runs off a 1kVA portable generator

Various Seismic Tools

Hydrophone string element

Hydrophone String

  • Active piezo polymer hydrophones
  • Sensitivity 316V/Bar including x10 downhole gain
  • Dimensions. 38.0mm max. OD
  • Number of sensors, 24 (22 working)
  • Sensor spacing, 2m
  • Cable, moulded polyurethane
  • Lead in. 354m
  • Cable termination. 2 x Canon NK27
  • Bandwidth 7Hz to 4.7kHz

Calibrated Hydrophone

1" Ball Hydrophone

Kemo Analogue Filters

Fracture Imaging

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