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Microseismic Services and Software

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Microseismic Services

Frac monitoring operation

Semore specialises in real time and post acquisition microseismic data processing. We have the flexibility and capability to take on difficult data sets with unusual configurations, velocity, picking/hodogram or triggering problems. Our aim is to obtain reliable and consistent results through a combination of careful trace interpretation, an appropriate velocity model and accurate group orientation. This typically requires detailed manual QC of the traveltime and hodogram data and derivation of 3D dipping layer anisotropic velocities through check shot, sonic log and tomographic analysis.


Large data sets can also be handled very efficiently using our proprietary automatic location method, Bootstrap. This is a stacking type method that can reliably detect and locate events with trace amplitudes on some sensors going beneath the noise level. The method may also be used to trigger data sets with low signal to noise that cannot be triggered conventionally.

  • Post acquisition processing - Offsite processing/re-processing
  • Near real time processing - Real time in field triggering and offsite near real time processing
  • Real time - In field processing
  • Survey design - Forward modelling of the network sensitivity and relative resolution
  • Software licencing – For in-house processing/modelling
  • Software support – Divine annual maintenance and user support
  • Training – Divine software training and microseismic course

Fracture Imaging

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