Microseismic Services and Software
Microseismic Services and Software

Data Processing

Interactive interpretation of the relative bearing of each sensor group
  • Seg standard trace formats and proprietary format trace data input
  • Trace syncing for multi-well systems and downhole/surface networks
  • Realtime triggering
  • Realtime Bootstrap auto location
  • Receiver group orientation from any form of check shot such as string shot, perf shot, frac ball drop
  • Integration with engineering data.
  • Realtime displays of frac data, event rates and network performance parameters
  • Interactive QC of picks and hodograms
  • Calibrated trace displays in voltage or ground motion units
  • 2D and 3D velocity model building from logs, perf shots or client models
  • 3D TTI traveltime and isotropic time options
  • 3D microseismic wavefield migration
  • 3D tomography

Fracture Imaging

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