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Divine - Microseismic and Seismic Tomographic Imaging Software

Divine is a modular, 2D and 3D microseismic and active seismic imaging and modelling package for microseismic data processing and monitoring and crosshole, VSP, surface reflection, single well and critical refraction survey processing.The principal functions of Divine are:

  • Microseismic event location and clustering
  • Realtime triggering and monitoring functions
  • Velocity model building
  • Trace interpretation
  • Microseismic resolution and sensitivity modelling
  • Raytrace transmission and reflection modelling
  • Transmission and reflection tomography
  • Microseismic and active seismic pre-stack depth migration
  • Wavefield processing

Divine can handle data from all the major service companies and borehole tools enabling QC of processed data or fully independent processing and modelling. In particular the software supports 3D dipping layers and 3D Thomsen TTI velocity models that are commonly required for frac monitoring in Shales and data can be processed from any combination of vertical, horizontal or inclined wells and near surface networks.

The complete range of Divine functions and the modules are defined in the specification. The range of software applications and outputs from Divine are described in the services offered by Semore and can be explored in detail through the demonstration version.

In the demonstration version all the facilities of the package are available but new surveys cannot be defined.

For licence enquiries please contact Ben Dyer.

Download Divine specification
Download Divine demonstration

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