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3D Wavefield Propagator

Critical Refraction Imaging Application of the Wavefield Propagator


Divine incorporates a 3D wavefield propagation technique for generating traveltimes and raypaths through any grid velocity model. The velocity model may be read in from ASCII or SegY file or generated interactively within Divine as a combination of interfaces and enclosed velocity intervals. The model may include TTI or be isotropic. If anisotropic parameters are defined these are used to correct real picked traveltimes to isotropy for tomographic imaging.


The propagator may be used to generate traveltimes for microseismic hypocentre location, 2D/3D wavefield migration of crosshole, VSP or reflection data sets and 3D transmission tomographic imaging. It is a form of network ray tracing and never fails to find the minimum time path from source to receiver or diffraction point.


In the illustration above the propagator has been used to ray trace a 2D section containing a low velocity channel type feature. Using a surface source and receiver array this type of feature may be imaged from the critically refracted traveltimes and ray paths.

Fracture Imaging

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